Hack 50.000 Computers in a Day

I’m doing the world a favor.
You have no idea who you are dealing with.

I can hack 50.000 computers/networks in a day, as challenge to the claims and capabilies of NSA.

I propose myself to publicly challenge NSA and their leaders and politicians claims and capabilities.

Publicly under observation of media and authorities I can hack 50.000 computers/networks in a day, worldwide any nation, with computer laptop.

Regarding Snowden leaks NSA hacked 50.000 computers/networks worldwide, they have billions of dollars of budget and thousands of personnel.

Their leaders and politicians publicly declare that is legal, they have right, and they can spy and hack worldwide, regardless of legal human and moral rights of the persons.


In a case this proposal is accepted and I prove what I say, I ask also solutions to be found for my humanitarian situation and to be registered in Guinness Book of Records.

I’m at disposal only for Russian media and authorities about this matter, I do not trust the others.

Ivica Gorgievski
25.11.2013 Venice Italy


Strategies of Exploitation

For long time western nations have destroyed many nations and millions of lives worldwide with imperialism, colonization and various forms of aggression.

The agonies of this people continue also with migration, strategies as humiliation discrimination obstruction freezing to death… are used for their control and exploitation.

Campaigns of fascist style threats and intimidation’s against immigrants in western nations, as a strategy for control and exploitation.

Who is to blame?

The Aggression on Yugoslavia

The aggression on Yugoslavia has began decades ago during the cold war with trading and economic aggression, then with espionage infiltrating and supporting of minority groups to create divisions, and has ended with military aggression.

Now after decades it is very clear, with the same scenario and strategies the western nations have barbarically attacked and destroyed many nations, destroying the life of millions of people.