— We Are All Born Free and Equal – Human Right #1

— Hack 50.000 Computers in a Day
I can hack 50.000 computers/networks in a day, as challenge to the claims and capabilies of NSA.

— Who Is The Enemy?
Degenerated Elites driven by corruption possession illness… hold the humanity in slavery.

— The truth about religions, the truth that will makes us free.
Religions are human inventions, based on astrology imagination and stories, created for political manipulation and control.


2 thoughts on “

  1. You shouldnt end your life. been there. there are allways other options. also if someone is making your life living hell your suicide would be their success..

    On the other hand do not ask for money on a website like this cause it really looks like a scam ;/

  2. Don’t end your life. Jesus knows your struggles and wants what’s best for you, if you give your troubles up to Him you will be free.

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